Web Design
Following is a step-by-step outline of the phases of web design and the approximate related costs.
1. Searching for and purchasing a Domain Name
www.YourName.com (or org, or net) The initial purchase through a registering agency -
ASISERVE.NET will register your name and pay the initial 1 year fee (above), as well as set up your Domain on our servers $50.00 + above fee
2. Designing the Site
Next, the initial site is laid out. Because the initial layout and Home Page take longer than subsequent pages, we estimate the cost of producing the Home Page with a site layout fee. This will cost in the range of $150 to $450 depending upon the size of the site. $150.00 to $450.00
Each Additional Page (Other than Home Page) $50.00 to $80.00
3. Integrated Programming
Integrated programming provides for customized features on your web site. Once the programming is set up, the customer can post their own newsletters or update their own data base on-line. With integrated programming, we can also create a customized questionnaire or survey to be filled in on-line. $85.00 to $95.00/hour
4. Publishing the Web Site
Once the site is programmed and all the graphics are completed, the files for your site are transferred to our web server. The site is published, and a monthly hosting fee is assessed. $20.00 to $125.00/month
5. A la Carte Services
Customized Graphic Design Services $50.00/hour
Scanning photos & Insertion in Web Page $12.00 each.

  • Web Page and Site Design
  • Programming Services can include:
  • Initial Consultation
  • Page and site layout, design and HTML coding
  • Graphic Design, icons, buttons, bullets, navigation lines
  • Scanning grapics and photos and inserting into web page
  • Hyperlinks, related, e-mail
  • On-line Information Request forms
  • Domain Registration Services - Primary and Secondary DNS
  • Composition and Editing of Text
  • Cold Fusion Integrated Programming
  • Database Access / Design
  • Web Page Planning Sheet
  • Request Information

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Web Design
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