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Since DSL has distance limitations between your home or business and your local telco office. It is not the driving distance but the telephone line distance. For any distance over 18, 000 feet it is difficult to offer DSL service. Call MicroTech Servcies to have your line qualified for distance at 517-699-2065 or 800-246-0048 or complete and submit the request below. There isn't a charge to have your line qualified.

SelectOption Package Price PerMonth

  • 192 Kbps - $89.00
  • 384 Kbps - $114.00
  • 768 Kbps - $164.00
  • 1.1  Mbps - $265.00


Contract term to be no less than 1 year. After 1 year, customer can cancel service following thirty (30) days written notice to MicroTech Services, Inc. If customer cancels ordered service contract prior to installation a $200 cancellation fee, per circuit, will be applied. If customer cancels service prior to the end of the 1-year contract, a fee of $300 plus reimbursement of any customer premise equipment and installation promotional credit extended to the customer for the circuit will be charged.

Products Included

DSL Packages include 3 email addresses Installation and configuration of 1 workstation to the internet. Additional charges may apply to configure additional devices if requested.

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