For companies who would like the option of having complete autonomy over their own servers, ASI Internet Services offers Co-location Webserver services. ASI Internet Services would house your server and provide you with unlimited access to our T1 Internet line. The advantages of having a Co-Located server are:

Fast access without the expense of purchasing your own Tl line

On the spot maintenance

Web Server Housing

Unlimited Content Space

Extensive Savings

Technical Support

Please note that these services are available on a one-year plus contract basis.

One-Time Charge
  • Includes 1 IP address
  • Setup/Installation Charges
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Re-Occurring Charges

Average Throughput Servers

  • Internet Servers - HTTP, E-Mail
  • Other Database Servers
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High Throughput Servers
  • Streaming Audio or Video Servers
  • High Download Servers
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Co-Location Rate Sheet